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04 December 2018
Israel found gold coins of the era of the Crusades

Israeli archaeologists working on the excavations of the ancient city of Caesarea, discovered a jar hidden over 900 years ago with gold coins.

A rare find was found in a gap in the wall of a stone house. In a bronze jug, 24 gold coins were discovered, as well as one gold earring. 

Apparently, the owners of the treasure were going to return and pick it up, but for unknown reasons they could not do it.
Israeli archaeologists say that the owners of the treasure were supposed to be rich people, since the value of each of the coins was equivalent to the income of the then peasant.

According to archaeologists, the owners of the coins could have been killed after the Crusaders captured Caesarea in 1101. 
Treasures were found in the wall of the house of the period of the Abbasid and Fatimid dynasties.

"This is evidence of one of the most dramatic periods in the history of Caesarea: its conquest by the crusaders," - said in a statement about the discovery of the treasure on the website of the Israel Antiquities Authority

According to the chronicles, almost all the inhabitants of Caesarea were killed by the troops of King Baldwin I of Jerusalem, who ruled the Holy Land between 1100 and 1118.

"It can be assumed that the owner of the treasure and his family were either killed or sold into slavery and could not return and take it away," said the leaders of the archaeological expedition Peter Gendelman and Mohammed Khatar.

Coins were found near previous caches discovered - a bowl with gold and silver coins, found in the 1960s, and a collection of bronze vessels, discovered in the 1990s.

These treasures are on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

In 2015, scuba divers accidentally discovered the largest collection of gold moment on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. At the bottom of the sea lay more than two thousand gold coins thousands of years old.
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