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The orthodox pilgrim on the Holy Land

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12 July 2019
Plots of the Holy Land can be seen on the new channel in YouTube

The editor of the Russia in Colors portal in Jerusalem presented at the beginning of 2019 a new project on the Holy Land on his channel Travels with Pavel Platonov.

From January 22, 2019, a new project by the editor-in-chief of the Russia in Colors and Orthodox pilgrim in the Holy Land portal by the famous guide, teacher and researcher of the Holy Land in Jerusalem Pavel Platonov has appeared on the Internet.
The project was created on the site of the famous YouTube video site called Travel with Pavel Platonov.
Pavel Platonov has been living in Israel since 1997 and is the creator of the 2 portals listed above on the Internet. In 1998–2000-s, he studied at the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem at the jazz faculty, studying the piano playing skills of the famous pianist Vyacheslav Ganelin.
Mini films describing some famous historical holy sites and cultural sites in the Holy Land received a new impetus in the approach and content of various subjects. These are practically small virtual trips accompanied by an experienced guide and ethnographer who provide an opportunity to take a fresh look at famous historical sites in Israel and to those who have already visited them and those who do not have such an opportunity.
A unique alternative author's music, created by Pavel Platonov, gives the films a very special emotional and psychological perception.
The first film from the series of video sketches of the Holy Land, dedicated to the Holy River Jordan. Bifarafara is a true Epiphany site on the Jordan River, 8.5 kilometers north of the confluence of the river into the Dead Sea.
The second story is dedicated to the national reserve of Ein Prat in the Judean desert. This unique natural park is located approximately 7.5 kilometers from northeastern Jerusalem and is operated by the Society for the Conservation of Nature and the parks of the State of Israel. It becomes especially beautiful here during the rainy period, when the mountains of the Judean Desert, which received life-giving moisture, are covered with a green carpet, among which you can see a wide variety of wildflowers.
A series of films from 4 parts dedicated to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. The Church of the Resurrection of the Lord (or as it is also called the Church of the Holy Sepulcher from the Crusader period in the 12th century) in Jerusalem is the most important shrine for Christians from all over the world. Here the Bright Resurrection of Christ lit up the world, and this main temple for Christians all over the world absorbed the memorial memory of the most important shrines of Christianity - Calvary and the Holy Sepulcher. Millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world come here, tens of thousands of people here witness the Miracle of the Descent of the Holy Fire. The sufferings of the Lord on the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ were included in the ancient tradition of worship for all Churches. The image of the Crucified and then the Resurrected Savior is an integral part of the Christian consciousness of millions of people around the world who come here to Jerusalem to get in touch with evangelical history and empathize with one of the most important events in the history of mankind - the Resurrection of Christ, who influenced the course and development of the whole world civilization.
A unique story about the spring bloom in Israel during the rainy period, shows the unique nature of the Holy Land, when the Judean desert literally came to life and was covered with red glades of anemones, poppies and tulips, and the picturesque mountains were covered with grass and flower cover. Dry river beds filled with rainwater flows.
Films about the journey to Galilee tells about the city of Nazareth - the city of the Annunciation and the Sea of Galilee, whose history is described in the New Testament.
A separate story is devoted to the underwater observatory of the Coral World in the famous resort in Israel called Eilat, which is located on the shores of the Red Sea, where a collection of rare fish of the Red Sea and unique corals amazes visitors.
Of the latest films, the plot of the Masada fortress in the Judean desert opposite the southern tip of the Dead Sea, the complex of which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is remarkable.
The new cycle is dedicated to the Jerusalem International Light Festival, the work on which will continue each year. This year plots about the 10th and 11th festival were published..
We wish all visitors of our portal a pleasant viewing of films and look forward to new materials about the Holy Land.

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