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The orthodox pilgrim on the Holy Land

Home About the project Travel Israel with a private guide Photographs News History of the Holy Land Tradition Tour Guide in Israel, Paul Platonov Individual one-day excursions from Jerusalem and other cities of Israel 2023 (34 routes) 1. Christian Jerusalem
2. Jerusalem of 3 religions
3. General outlook tour of the Old City of Jerusalem
4. The first Jewish neighborhoods outside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem
5. Jerusalem in the centuries. Archaeological parks of ancient Jerusalem with an underground tunnel
6. Gethsemane and Christian shrines of the Old city of Jerusalem
7. Gethsemane and general sightseeing tour of the Old city of Jerusalem
8. The Old City of Jerusalem and the Basilica of Nativity in Bethlehem
9. The Basilica of Christmas in Bethlehem, the monastery of the Cross, Ein Kerem, the convent of St. John the Baptist
10. Gethsemane, the tomb of the Vigin Mary, the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, the monastery in mount Olives in Jerusalem and the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem
11. Monasteries of Jerusalem
12. Biblical foothills
13. Mini Israel, Latrun monastery, the Old City of Jaffa
14. Mini Israel, Latrun Monastery, Armored Troops Museum, the Old City of Jaffa
15. Mini Israel, the Latrun Monastery, the Emaus-Nikopol Monastery, the Old City of Jaffa
16. Mediterranean coast: Lod, the Old Sity of Jaffa, Caesarea
17. Caesarea, Haifa, Akko
18. Archaeological parks of the Judean Desert: Mosaic Museum, Qumran, the monastery of Gerasim of Jordan. Visit to the site of Baptism on the Jordan River (Bethabara)
19. Archaeological Parks of the Judean Desert: Herodium, Mosaic Museum, Qumran, Masada
20. Dead Sea, Masada Fortress, Ein Gedi Nature Park
21. Journey to Galilee: Place of Baptism, Lake Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes, Tabha, Capernaum
22. Journey to Galilee: the sacred river Jordan (Yardenit), Lake Galilee, Magdala, a place with radon springs, Tabha, Capernaum
23. Journey to Galilee: Nazareth, the place of the Annunciation, Lake Galilee, Tabha, Capernaum, the sacred river Jordan (Yardenit)
24. Journey to Galilee: Mount Tabor — place of the Transfiguration of the Lord, monasteries on the top of the mountain, Cana of Galilee, Nazareth — place of the Annunciation
25. Journey to Galilee: Archaeological Parks: Beit She'an, Megiddo, Sepphoris
26. Journey to the Galilee: Archaeological Parks: Megiddo, Beit Shearim, Sepphoris
27. Journey to Galilee: Archaeological Parks: Beit She'an, Kursi, Bethsaida, Tel Hazor
28. Upper Galilee: the sources of the Jordan River, archaeological parks - Tel Dan, Banias, Golan
29. Museums of Jerusalem. Museum of Israel: a model of Jerusalem of the II Temple period, a museum of Bible countries, a museum of antiquities of the Holy Land (Rockefeller).
30. Museums and sights of Jerusalem. Museum of Israel: a model of Jerusalem of the II Temple period, the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem
31. Jericho and its surroundings. Monastery of Temptation on the Forty-Day Mountain, the monastery of the prophet Elisha, the tree of the publican Zakhei, the monastery of Gerasim of Jordan. Visit to the site of Epiphany on the river (Bethabara)
32. Jericho and its surroundings. Archaeological excavations of the ancient Jericho (Tel-as-Sultan), the Russian museum and park complex in Jericho with the tree of Zakhey the publican, the monastery of the prophet Elisha, the monastery of Gerasim
33. Monastery of St. George Hozevit in the Judean Desert (viewing platform), Jericho and its surroundings. The Monastery of Temptation on the Forty-Day Mountain, the Monastery of the Prophet Elisey, the Monastery of Gerasim of Jordan, the place of
34. Monastery of the Monk Hariton Confessor in the Judean Desert. Source Ein Farah. Jericho and its surroundings. The Monastery of Temptation on the Forty-Day Mountain, the monastery of the prophet Elisha, the monastery of Gerasim of JordanArticles by Pavel Platonov on the Holy Land
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Excursion number 27
Journey to Galilee: Archaeological Parks: Beit She'an, Kursi, Bethsaida (Beit Zaida), Asor (Tel Hazor)

Individual one-day excursions from Jerusalem and other cities of Israel with Tour guide Pavel Platonov 
National Archaeological Park Tel Hazor
© Photo by Tour Guide Paul, April 15, 2011

Beit She'an (Hebrew: בית שאן Bethsan, Hebrew Σκυθόπολις - Scythopolis, Arab - Bisan or Bezan) is a modern city in the north of Israel with a population of 17 thousand people. Located in the Jordan Valley about 25 km south of the Sea of ​​Galilee. The population of modern Beit She'an is 17.3 thousand people (as of 2013). The historical city is one of the ancient cities of Decapolis (ten Hellenistic cities, united by the Roman commander Pompey into a separate administrative unit). On the territory of Beit She'an there is a national archaeological park of the historical Scythopolis, where one can see the colonnades of the Roman streets of Cardo and Decmanus, the Roman theater, the thermae, the Roman baths discovered during archaeological excavations.

Kursi is a national archaeological park on the shores of Tiberias Lake, on the western slope of the Golan Heights. On the territory of the park are the ruins of a large Byzantine monastery, known since the time of St. Equal-to-the-Apostles queen of Helena - the beginning of IV century AD. Now in the park you can see the ruins of a church building from the V-VI century and the remains of a chapel, which are higher up the mountainside. The church is decorated with mosaic floors with geometric patterns and images of the flora and fauna of the Holy Land.

Kursi is known as the place where Jesus Christ created the miracles of taming the storms on the Lake of Galilee and the expulsion of demons from the Gadarin demon into a herd of pigs. The monastery lasted until 741, when it was destroyed by an earthquake and abandoned by Christians. In the second half of VIII century in the monastery and the church with him settled the Arabs, who made their changes in the layout of the place.

In the Gospel of Luke on the miracles of taming the storm on the Lake of Galilee and the healing of the demoniac of Gadarin, it is narrated:

"In one day He went with His disciples into the boat and told them: we will cross over to the other side of the lake. And they set off. During their voyage He fell asleep. A stormy wind rose on the lake, and flooded them with waves, and they were in danger. And when they came near, they woke him up and said: Master! Mentor! perish. But He arose and rebuked the wind and the waves of water; and they stopped, and there was silence. Then He said to them, "Where is your faith?" They, in fear and surprise, said to one another: who is this, that he commands the winds and water, and obey him? And they sailed into the country of Gadarin, which lies opposite Galilee. When He went ashore, a man from the city met him, possessed by demons from a long time ago, and did not dress in clothes, and lived not in a house, but in coffins. When he saw Jesus, he cried out, fell down before him, and said with a loud voice: "What are you to me, Jesus, the Son of the Most High God?" I beg you, do not torment me. For Jesus commanded an unclean spirit to come out of this man, because he had tormented him for a long time, so that he was bound with chains and bonds, saving him; but he broke the bonds and was driven by the devil into the desert. Jesus asked him: what is your name? He said: Legion, - because many demons entered into it. And they asked Jesus not to tell them to go into the abyss. Immediately on the mountain grazed a large herd of pigs; and the demons asked him to let them enter into them. He let them. The demons, coming out of the man, entered the pigs, and the herd rushed from steepness to the lake and drowned. The shepherds, seeing what had happened, ran and told in the city and in the villages. And they went out to see what had happened; and when they came to Jesus, they found a man from whom the demons came, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in his right mind; and were horrified. Those who saw it told them how the demoniac was healed. And all the people of the Gadarin neighborhood asked Him to withdraw from them, because they were embraced by great fear. He went into the boat and returned. The man from whom the demons came forth asked Him to be with Him. But Jesus released him, saying: Return to your house and tell me what God has done for you. He went and preached throughout the city what Jesus had done for him "(Luke 8: 22-39)

Bethsaida (Beth Zaida (Hebrew בית צידה - "house of fishing"), (Greek Βηθσαΐδά) is the name of two Israeli cities mentioned in the New Testament, according to the Gospel story, these cities were visited by Jesus Christ, with them a number of miracles performed by him (for example, Matthew 11:21, 14: 17-21 and others).

It is located east of the Jordan River in the northwest of the Lake of Galilee near the cities of Capernaum and Horazin (Matthew 11:21). According to the Gospel story, Bethsaida of Galilee was the birthplace of the apostles Andrew, Peter and Philip (Mark 14:70, John 1:44, 12:21).

Asor - Tel Hazor (Hebrew תֵּל חָצוֹר) is the largest biblical hill in the north of Israel (Upper Galilee), located 6 km north of the city of Rosh Pina, west of the Jordan River.
Since 2005, the national archaeological park of Tel Hazor has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Tel Hazor is identified with the ancient city of Hazor (Hazor), an important political and commercial center in the pre-Israeli period. The city is mentioned in the texts of Ebla (3 thousand years BC), Egyptian papyri (19 century BC), texts of Mari (18th century BC). In the middle of the II millennium BC. the city was a major center, and his king was "the head of all these kingdoms" (Joshua 11:10), that is, of all northern Canaan. As a result of the invasion of the ancient Israelites, the tribes were captured and burned (Joshua 11:11). However, the city was soon rebuilt, and in the Age of Judges, its residents (900 chariots) attacked the Israelites, so that for 20 years they recognized the supremacy of the king of Ashor (Judges 4: 2-4). Then about 1258 BC. e. The city was again destroyed by the insurgent Israelis. Reinforced under King Solomon. In 732 BC. e., like other cities of Galilee, was destroyed by Assyria (4 Kings 15:29). However, life in Hazor continued in the II-III centuries. BC. e., in the Hellenistic period, as evidenced by archaeological finds in the Tel Hazor reserve.
The excursion begins at the place of accommodation of the tourists in Jerusalem (the address and time of the excursion beginning is indicated in advance by the guide). On the tour you need to have comfortable shoes, drinking water and a hat from the sun. To cross the border post between Jerusalem and Beit Shean, tourists need to have a passport with them.
The price for all participants of the excursion on our car with the departure from Jerusalem is $ 800 (with the number of up to 6 people in the car), and $ 1100 (with the number of participants from 7 to 15 people).
When you leave for a tour from Tel Aviv and its environs on our car, the price for up to 6 people is $ 950, and from 7 to 15 people - $ 1250. 
If the tourists have a rented car, the price is $ 450 for all participants of the excursion, provided that the excursion begins in Jerusalem.

We wish you a pleasant stay and an exciting journey and pilgrimage!
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The price does not include the cost of paid entries along the route.
The tour starts from Jerusalem.
In case of accommodation of participants of excursion in Tel Aviv and its vicinities or in other cities of Israel, we can help to get to Jerusalem by public transport.
There is a possibility of delivery on excursions and back on our transport from the area of ​​Tel Aviv and its environs and the Dead Sea for an additional fee.
The program provides an overview of the main attractions.
The program takes into account the wishes of the excursion.
A detailed program, taking into account the wishes of the excursionist, is made after consent to the cost of the services.
The tour is accompanied by Tour guide Paul
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