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The orthodox pilgrim on the Holy Land

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News from the Holy Land
In November in Jerusalem it is planned to lead the international scientific - public conference Jerusalem in Russian spiritual tradition.
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About the project

Russian Orthodox Church of St Mary Magdalene in Gethsemania in Jerusalem Web site Orthodox Pilgrim on the Holy Land appeared on the base of culture-educational projects of Orthodox Science-Educational Society Russia in colors in Jerusalem and tells about history of Russian Orthodox Worship at Holy Land and its revival at present time. For your attention here are programmers of tours, performed by Orthodox pilgrimage center in Jerusalem Russia in colors, purpose of which is revival of traditions of Orthodox pilgrimage to Holy Land. Center organizes seminars, lectures and conferences for subject of development of pilgrimage and spiritual-enlighten, educational and cultural connections between Russia - Jerusalem and Russian Diaspora.
Project Orthodox Pilgrim on the Holy Land is intended for people interested in traditions of Orthodox pilgrimage. Pilgrims already visited Holy Land with our orthodox guides after coming home will see their pictures in our site. They would be able to send their commentaries, suggestions and stories to site. For experienced pilgrims and people intended to visit Holy Land there will be chapter questions and answers and necessary general information.
There is opportunity in site to ask questions to orthodox guide about Orthodoxy in Holy Land on-line. There are also news, forum, traditions of Russian orthodox worship in Holy Land, pilgrims staying and also pilgrimage itineraries

With love in Christ
Team of OrthodoxEducational Society Russia in colors in Jerusalem

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