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The orthodox pilgrim on the Holy Land

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Orthodox Pilgrimage Center in Jerusalem Russia in colors

Representations and contacts

Kazan icon of Mother of God
in Gorniy Monastery in Jerusalem
Orthodox Pilgrimage Center in Jerusalem Russia in colors srarted its activity not long ago at May 2004. Its main idea is restoration of traditions of Russian Orthodox worship in Holy Land. Exactly worship in spiritual aspect when Russian person already from 12 century looked opportunity to touch evangelical sacred places here in spiritual center of the world- Jerusalem, sanctified by earthly life of Savour Jesus Christ. Russian pilgrim in Holy Land always was and still now is Orthodox worshipper if these were first pilgrims coming after igumen Daniel who wrote Pilgrimage of igumen Daniel to Holy Land or pilgrims at 19 century dispatched by Russian Society of Steamship- line and Trade or by Imperor Orthodox Palestine Society. It was important and still now is desire of Russian pilgrims - worshippers to touch Holy Tomb of Jesus, Beitlechem Cave, to visit Mount Tabor and to dip into waters of Holy river of Jordan.
Regardless of dangers and temptations Russian worshippers went to Holy Land. They also go at 21 century when technical progress dictates new temp of life based on new technologies calling only for improving earthly life and departing modern man further from God.
In spite all of this one thing remains unchanged- heart desire of Russian person to make spiritual pilgrimage to Holy Land. Especially this is actual today after 74 years of Soviet slavery when Orthodox believers had no opportunity to do so and Russia was part of totalitarian Soviet Union. Giant on clay feets collapsed and Russian worshipper started to return to his roots- traditions of Orthodox worship.
For many Orthodox believers opportunity to visit Holy Land appears only one time during life time. And memory about performed pilgrimage they keep all their remaining life.
This thought was emphasized in appeal to 1-st General Orthodox Church Conference Othodox pilgrimage: Traditions and Modernity on 27 October 2004 by His Holyness Patriarch Alexiy Second:

Orthodox pilgrimage is old and revered tradition in our christloving people. It is sanctified by feets of Christ Savour himself, who according Gospel, together with His Pure Mother and holy ritheous Josef went to Jerusalem for feast of Pesach /Lk 2:41/.
During all centuries Church hierarchs, pastors, monks and many regular people striving to worship and pray at Orthodox shrines followed this tradition.
Now after long godfighting period there is growing strive in our people to visit places of earthly exploit of Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, Saints. Many thousands of pilgrims as centuries ago go for pilgrimage to touch shrines, to receive healing in monks monasteries, to have fellowship with brothers and sisters in faith. Pilgrimage routs are multiplying, geography of them is expanding.
Pilgrimage to Holy Places is important part of Orthodox way of life. At the same time for many our contemporaries especially needed spiritual mentoring and teaching road to Holy Places becomes starting point of way to Christ.
Orthodox pilgrimage center Russia in colors also tries to expand geography of orthodox routs for pilgrims groups coming from Russia and other countries to Holy Land and opened special section describing staying pilgrims groups in Holy Land .

There are plans to organize seminars, lectures and conferences with themes of developing pilgrimage and spiritual- enlightment, educational and cultural connections between Russia- Jerusalem and Russian Diaspora.

There is now in working stage new internet project Orthodox worshipper in Holy Land, which is intended for people interested in traditions of orthodox pilgrimage, also for pilgrims already performed pilgrimage and after coming home see their pictures and stories in our website, as well for people intended to visit Holy Land for whom it will be section with questions and answers on-line and necessary information.

It will be opportunity to ask questions on-line to orthodox guide about Orthodoxy in Holy Land . There will be sections: news, forum, traditions of Russian orthodox worship in Holy Land , pilgrims staying in Holy Land , internet magazine Orthodox worshipper, and also pilgrimage routs for definite dates of departure, annual, routs with seldom attended places and routs of great special feasts.

For arranging pilgrimage tours contact following our representatives:

Representations and contacts

With love in Christ.

Orthodox pilgrimage center in Jerusalem Russia in colors


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