The orthodox pilgrim on the Holy Land
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News from the Holy Land
In November in Jerusalem it is planned to lead  the international scientific - public conference «Jerusalem in Russian spiritual tradition».
“Orthodox pilgrimage is old and revered tradition in our christloving people. It is sanctified by feets of Christ Savour himself, who according Gospel, together with His Pure Mother and holy ritheous Josef went “to Jerusalem for feast of Pesach” /Lk 2:41/.
During all centuries Church hierarchs, pastors, monks and many regular people striving to worship and pray at Orthodox shrines followed this tradition.
Now after long godfighting period there is growing strive in our people to visit places of earthly exploit of Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, Saints. Many thousands of pilgrims as centuries ago go for pilgrimage to touch shrines, to receive healing in monks monasteries, to have fellowship with brothers and sisters in faith. Pilgrimage routs are multiplying, geography of them is expanding.
Pilgrimage to Holy Places is important part of Orthodox way of life. At the same time for many our contemporaries especially needed spiritual mentoring and teaching road to Holy Places becomes starting point of way to Christ”.

His Holyness Patriarch of  Moskow and All Russia  Alexei II
Святая Кувуклия в Храме Воскресения Господня
Tomb of Christ


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